Not Even Close

by Rookie Move

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Joe Peluso
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Joe Peluso Sometimes I can find myself a bit lost in this LP as parts can often drown into the background. This is not an inherent negative but I do feel as though it happens a bit too frequently in this LP. However, I absolutely adore the track "Undress" and find myself coming back to it month after month. Favorite track: Undress.
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released October 27, 2013

Recorded and produced by Bennett Kane

Cody - Guitar/Vocals
Alex - Bass/Vocals
Richard - Drums/Vocals



all rights reserved


Rookie Move Atlanta, Georgia

I guess we're an emo band

Cody Towe
Alex Hurtsellers
Richard Sapeta

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Track Name: Leave When You Want
It's almost been a year now
Since I could confidently call you
Without the slightest bit of anxiety
Without you getting angry
Every time I'm near you
I wanna be elsewhere
Leave you in the middle of the night
I'll leave your door unlocked
I wanna seem profound
I'm always such a prick when you're around
and I don't think I can help it
I always think you deserve it
But now, I think I deserve this
We're so close to closure
My keepsake to get over
It all just stared at me
and it all just got in my way
But we're so close to closure
is it best now to get over
I've wasted too much time on
My own thoughts and my own wrongs
But we're this close to closure
Is it timely to get over
We're so close to closure
Is it best now to get over
Track Name: Undress
All I lack, I make up for with charmingly bad timing.
It's what you're used to anyway,
The reason why I sleep all day,
But that's no excuse your mom wants to hear.
So make new friends, go break edge.
Give me a reason to be mad.
I'm not up for it.
I'm not up for it tonight.
Well, I can scream louder than your drunken dad.
Well, I can run faster than your drunken dad.
Well, I can't find the appeal in sleeping in.
And I can't find the appeal in any consequence.
I watched you undressing.
It's all I miss about you.
I'll be there, if you need me.
I'll still be here when they leave.
Track Name: Living Room
It's cold out; can I come inside?
Your apartment still smells like smoke
I'd like to just get to sleep
but your twin size bed's too small and feels like concrete
So I'll move to your living room
So talk tough
Like you needed to
Our old routine in your bed room
So when I get off, you can give me hell
and I'll recall your notions of lust in every detail
So I'll move to your living room
You're in a mood
and I'm on to you
I'm just waiting on a better man to take my place
(I want to feel smart, I want to feel something)
It's all the things you'd never understand just how it tastes
(I swear to God I'm pulling)
So what the hell am I still doing here?
(I need to start thinking simple)
For the sake of moving on, I'm here
The sheer counter production's clear
(So simple, simple, yet elegant)
What the hell am I still doing here?
Track Name: To Be Completely Honest
I've lost confidence in you
The things I say are slipping through the parameters of your room
And now your friends know everything
I was asked to go
When I said what I needed to say
And I know it's my fault
You and I don't talk it's best for us
But I wish we did
And you wish we did
And this first time I can say, I've lost all of my potential, or never had it anyway
And I can see fragments of scenes scrolling past my eyelids when I sleep
And I'm on your basement floor
Track Name: Short Sleeves
I've said some things off the cuff
Was just being honest, but you would call my bluff
Now, all I look to are three day weekends
My face in the pillow, my lack of common sense
With sunken eyes and a pit in my stomach
I'll try my best to get up from this blanket
I hope you're happy now confined to some odd college town
WIth friends you'd like to ignore
To hear you complain more
I'm level headed
Sitting in your bedroom
I'm rolling my eyes
At the idea of compromise
To dwell on what's happy
(I'm still wearing all the same old clothes I've worn)
And hope for more lies
(And they look lived in)
Is the best way
(I'm still wearing all the same old clothes I've worn)
To use all of my time
(And they are lived in)
Why can't I see through you the way you see through me?